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LAS CASCADAS ⎮ Incentive Travel – Social Events – Corporate Retreats
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San Francisco Soyaniquilpan de Juarez

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Centered between Mexico City & Queretaro

Have you been recently to an event that left you stunned and amazed? Did it leave that special mark? Do you wish to create this or more for you next happening.

At Hacienda Las Cascadas relaxed elegance mixes with the essence of Mexican culture making it the ideal location for all from Incentive Travels, Social Events to Corporate Meetings.

Our private events center redefines the standard with an artfully designed studio, panoramic mountain views, outstanding cuisine, and so much more…


That Inspires & Brings You Together

At Hacienda Las Cascadas we are experts at creating customized travel incentive programs designed to motivate employees to exceed goals for a coveted invitation. 

Our unique experience with making clients from all over the world feeling at home, will result in your attendees thinking that all their diligent effort invested in your company was well worth it.


Let us help you to design the perfect experience…

Social Events for all occasions

Weddings - Elopements - Birthdays - Graduations

Plan a crowd-pleasing milestone for your reunion or other type of getaway. This dramatic and photogenic setting will create once-in-a-lifetime memories that you and your guests will treasure forever.


Here at Hacienda Las Cascadas we provide all you need for your event.

Get-Togethers For Family And Friends. Discover the perfect backdrop for the celebration of your dreams.


Team Building - Destination Meetings

We are here to help you plan the best retreat to motivate executives and employees alike.


Hacienda Las Cascadas, located on the serene and pristine Highlands of Central Mexico provides a restorative experience offering as well fine dining and more.


As a workshop leader, our Group Retreat Package is the perfect solution for you to host a group event, while personally enjoying your own holiday. We’ll assist you with reservations, creating meal planning, coordinating workspaces and schedules, and handling deposits if needed.


Yoga - Wellness - Healing - Art

Hacienda Las Cascadas helps you organize life-changing experiences for your clients in an amazing Mexican dream backdrop.


The ideal environment in which to host a wide variety of group gatherings including... Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Practices, Group Therapy, Dance, Music, Healing Arts...

Fine food & colorful rooms

Dining & Accommodations with a Mexican Flair

If you’re passionate about fine food, attentive service and beautiful surroundings, you will appreciate the thoughtful details that make your stay at this authentic Mexican Hacienda comfortable in every way.


Relax and enjoy. This is your place for your event of a lifetime.

"We stayed one week for horseback riding. Each day we choose our horses and half day or full day rides. The horses was very nice and hard working.


We had wonderful gallops and nice sceneries. A place really worth staying at and returning to..."

HGH, Oslo - Norway

"Absolutely amazing experience. Lovely people, beautiful nature, elegant and cozy buildings.

Couldn't wish for more and I am definitely coming back, even though it is quite a trip from Europe."

QUEST - Europe

"The horses are well trained and there's one for everyone. We used to ride a lot when we were younger, but opted for a calm horse this first time.


Apparently, you don't forget how to ride, even after 30 years! It's a bit like riding a bike."

Nickie F